New online ARC application form for foreign students now up

Starting Jan. 1 international students can now apply for and renew their ARC on a new online form


Screen shot of new ARC registration page on NIA website.

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- As part of a number of new measures introduced on Jan. 1 by the National Immigration Agency (NIA), international students can now use a new online form to both apply for or renew their Alien Residence Certificate (ARC). 

Effective on Jan. 1, foreign students and overseas Chinese students studying in Taiwan can now use a new online form to apply for their ARCs, or for extensions of or changes to their registration certificates.

The new online application form will reduce total processing for time for ARCs to five days, from seven days previously, according to the NIA.

To log into the site and either apply for a new ARC or renew an existing one, students will need an account name and password, which will be provided by their school in Taiwan. 

Students who are applying for the first time and have not received a user name and password from their school, can use the individual application form apply with the NIA directly. However, they will still need to be registered with a school in Taiwan and be able to submit information verifying their registration with that school.