Photo of the Day: Rainy day on Yangmingshan

Hong Kong student captures cold, eerie day on Taipei's Yangmingshan

Photo by Andy Ip Gia Thien.

Photo by Andy Ip Gia Thien.

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- As the current cold wave strikes Taiwan bringing wet weather and frigid temperatures, this photo of a rainy day on Yangmingshan, captures the mood of the moment.

Andy Ip Gia Thien, 24, a Journalism and Mass Communications major at Minchuan University, took the black and white photo of a solitary figure walking in the mist on a lonely road on Yangmingshan in March, 2017.

Having moved to Taiwan from his native Hong Kong four years ago to study, Ip said he chose the mountain as his subject because, "it is a great place to capture photos as it's faraway from downtown Taipei, less noise, pollution and is covered in mist."

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(Photo by Andy Ip Gia Thien)