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Civil servants of New Taipei wish everyone a wonderful Year of the Dog!

The bi-monthly magazine of the Civil Affairs Bureau features 10 models representing the bureau

Image from 保庇新北市 Jan. 2018

Image from 保庇新北市 Jan. 2018

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – To welcome the upcoming Year of the Dog, The New Taipei Civil Affairs Bureau has published the New Year’s edition of their bi-monthly publication “Looking After New Taipei” (保庇新北市).

For the cover of the magazine, the Civil Affairs Bureau selected ten lovely civil servants to model cheongsam (or qipao), in the spirit of the upcoming holidays.

The director of the Civil Affairs Bureau said that the staff at the bureau are young and energetic, and they hoped to express their beauty and energy to the people of New Taipei City.

The ten stunning ladies, wearing the elegant and classic cheongsam, are pictured in with bright smiles and carrying messages of well-wishes and auspicious blessings for the coming year.

The ladies spent a long five hours for the photo shoot, and the models as well as the entire bureau are very proud of the results. The women exude an air of cultured professionalism and enthusiasm, which also reflects the attitude that the New Taipei Government hopes to convey serving the city’s residents.

The New Taipei City Civil Service Bureau and their remarkably good looking civil servants hope that the Year of the Dog will be a year full of blessings for everyone in Taiwan.

Civil servants of New Taipei wish everyone a wonderful Year of the Dog!
Image from 保庇新北市 Jan. 2018

Those interested in reading the online magazine can find it here.