Photographer under investigation after photos of orgy emerge

Photographer under investigation after photos of sex party including 6 college women and 7 men emerge

(Facebook image)

(Facebook image)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- The Taipei District Prosecutor's Office is investigating a famous photographer for sexual harassment, sexual assault and prostitution after numerous photos have surfaced of his subjects engaged in sexual acts, according to local reports.

On Dec. 24, a female student from Asia University posted a photo of three fully nude women kneeling with their backs to the camera on the college student forum Dcard saying that her friend was among those photographed and that she was duped into a sex orgy that included six women and seven men by famed photographer Mu Chuan- Shen (穆川申), prompting the Taipei Prosecutors Office to begin the investigation.

After the student posted the photo of the three nude women, which originated from Mu's Facebook page, 500 more sexually explicit photos also surfaced. More students came forward saying that they recognized their classmates in the photos, with a man claiming that one of the women had tricked one of the men saying that they were going to sing KTV, when in fact it was a sex party.

Later, one of the boyfriends of the women involved said that the photographer charged the men money to take part in the "group party" involving six women and seven men, after which he posted images on his Instagram account under the heading "event photos." Netizens criticized the shoot saying, "This is using art as a pretext for sex, stripping is art, sex is also art, there's no way to justify this!"

Image of three women posted on Dcard.

As the salacious nature of his latest photos have drawn attention from a much wider audience lately, it has become apparent that the photographer has been using his art to trick his subjects into sexual acts for quite some time now.

Though the artist has been sought out by entertainers and models for his unique photographic techniques for a series of seemingly "normal" works, his other hobby appears to be shooting erotic images of men and women.

On Dec. 26, adult model Betty Yumo (模羽沫) posted an announcement for an event on her Facebook page titled "100-Man Mouth Explosion," in which men signed up to be the first 100 accepted in a bukkake-style video, and Mu was to be the photographer for the event.

In an interview with Mirror Media, Yumo said Mu he used his good looks, impressive works, and his sweet talk to give her the feeling that she was "falling in love," and she even mistakenly thought that they could become a couple. She said that he would use the same technique on many other models to cooperate with him, saying that they needed to "sacrifice for art" and let him publish photos of them in the nude.

When discussing preparations to make the video, Yumo said that Mu enthusiastically emphasized that she could assist in making the film and provide suggestions. He also said that there would be no preconceived scenarios in the film and that "whatever happens will be filmed."

Yumo said that Mu told her the film could lead to many people becoming engaged in sexual intercourse and that "men will pay while women will be free."

However Yumo would not confirm that he had indeed worked on the project in the end or whether any fees were paid by participants in the film.

As part of the investigation, people involved in his previous shoots will be interviewed to gather testimony for the case.

Mu did not respond to requests by Taiwan News for comment on the allegations.

According to Article 235 of the Criminal Code, distributing, broadcasting or selling obscene texts, drawings, sounds or other articles, or displaying them in a blatant manner or to viewing or listening to them, is punishable with a maximum prison sentence of up to two years, criminal detention or a fine of up to NT$30,000 (US$1,000). The same applies for those who intend to disperse, broadcast and sell, and those who hold, the aforesaid words, pictures, sounds, videos and their attachments or other articles.