Army food menu gets a yummy update

Taiwan military food makeover inspired by U.S, Singapore


Military foodstuffs are reimagined. (Photo: Shutterstock)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — The Ministry of National Defense announced this morning the components of a new generation in dry battlefield rations as well as heatable meals, reported the Central News Agency.

The updated meal sets reflect contemporary advancements in food science and research. The previous curry and oatmeal staples requiring water added have been done away with, for instance, and replaced by supple meat jerky, dried strawberry, mango, and guava, as well as yogurt, dairy, and energy sustaining candies.

(Photo: CNA) 

Military meals have now increased from 800 calories to 1,200 calories on average.

The Ministry of Defense spent NT$100 million developing new battlefield rations and NT$30 million developing microwavable options.

(Photo: CNA) 

Hot meals now come in eight different varieties, including two vegetarian options. The meals are ideal for times of disaster when food cannot be cooked. They are best enjoyed with the contents of a warmed-up rice packet.

Demonstration of the hot meals being prepared (Video:CNA)