Photo of the Day: Baozi beret

Student distracted by a 'steamed bun' hat in class

(Image from 爆廢公社 Facebook group)

(Image from 爆廢公社 Facebook group)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- A Taiwanese netizen posted a funny photo of a woman's beret that bears an uncanny resemblance to a baozi (包子, steamed bun) on the Facebook group Baofei Commune (爆廢公社).

When posting a side-by-side comparison of the classmate's odd hat with the steamed buns, the netizen wrote:

"That's why I haven't been able to concentrate in class, my f***ing stomach has been crying for this?"

Netizens were amazed with the resemblance:

"It really looks similar, I'd like to try a bite."

"Dip it in soy sauce and add some ginger to enjoy its delicious flavor."

Woman with baozi-like beret (left), baozi (right). (Image from 爆廢公社 Facebook page)