The tough gets going, Jeremy Lin welcomes 2018

Jeremy Lin’s road to recovery

Image from NBA Youtube Channel

Image from NBA Youtube Channel

TAIPEI(Taiwan News) - Taiwanese descent Jeremy Lin (林書豪) posted an Instagram post sharing how his 2017 went and his motto for 2018.

He mentioned in his post, "Comfort is the enemy of progress. Don't run from adversity, beast it!"

Back in October 2017 at Brooklyn Nets' season opener at Indianapolis, Lin ruptured his right patellar tendon after a drive to the rim. Lin's injury is among the most serious a basketball player can sustain.

The Brooklyn Nets are working closely with Fortius, the sports institute located in suburban Vancouver where Lin is undergoing rehabilitation.

#NeverDone - 2017 was a tough year with the most devastating setback of my life. Since surgery, I refused to rewatch the injury. I’ve seen my fans support me in the past but with this injury, you guys all collaborated to make gifts. Some of which included hundreds or thousands of fans pitching into one gift, and you kept using #NeverDone which is now my 2018 mindset. This injury hurts in the short-term but I truly believe it’ll help my career in the long run. Im rebuilding myself mentally, physically and spiritually. Im finding ways to be better than before, leaving no stone unturned. Its about to be an epic comeback! So as you guys approach the new year, take every last setback to fuel going forward. Adversity forces us to reevaluate, adapt, improve. It forces us to ask the tough questions, to go the extra mile and push our limits. Comfort is the enemy of progress. Dont run from adversity, beast it! And lets not forget God always has a sovereign, perfect plan! Happy New Year!! #lovemyfans #grownmencrytoo (