H5N2 bird flu confirmed in central Taiwan

Thousands of chickens discovered with avian flu in Yunlin and Pingtung County


Black feathered free range chickens found with isolated incidence of H5N2 bird flu in Yunling. (By Central News Agency)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — The Pingtung and Yunlin County government confirmed Tuesday an outbreak of avian influenza subtype H5N2 in over 15,000 chickens, reported CNA.

Associate director of the Executive Yuan Agricultural Committee, Huang Chin-cheng (黃金城) told CNA that last December the Bureau of Animal and Plant Health Inspection (防檢局) declared the infected area at high risk for avian flu. The flu was discovered during routine prevention procedures.

Approximately 5,510 infected chickens were culled to stifle the spread of the flu in Pingtung County and 15,239 chickens in Yunlin County, according to UDN. 

Health inspectors contain case of bird flu in Yunlin County. (CNA image) 

On December 28 Chiayi County reported the culling of 1,468 infected chickens and on December 29 Pingtung County reported 4,839. 

The infected birds were located precisely within a 1 kilometer radius of a farm in Yunlin. All surrounding animals have been inspected and the disease is believed to have been contained.

Huang feels that after the avian influenza subtype H5N6 epidemic two years ago, the Executive Yuan and Bureau of Inspection have succeeded in publishing disease updates more frequently and on more outlets.