Roselle flowers reach full bloom in Taipei’s Guandu Plain


TAIPEI (Taiwan News)—The Roselle flower is nicknamed "ruby" for its color that is similar to blood-red colored gemstones. The flowers are mostly grown in Taiwan's southeastern county of Taitung, and the jam and candies made from the flowers are local specialties of the county.

In fact, there are Roselle flowers in Taipei’s Guandu Plain as well, and they have reached their full bloom recently.

Roselle is a species of Hibiscus probably native to West Africa. It has a wide variety of usage and has been made into many different products, ranging from beverage, jam, candies, to herbal medicine. Roselle jam is similar in flavour to plum jam, although more acidic.

Commissioner of Taipei City Public Works Department Pong Cheng-sheng said that roselle flowers are sown in spring and bloom in autumn, encouraging the public to come to Guandu in the city’s Beitou District to appreciate seas of roselle flowers.