Japanese yen hits 2-year low vs. Taiwan dollar

A person trading NT$50,000 dollars today can get 10,000 more yen than three months ago

Japanese yen.

Japanese yen. (By Central News Agency)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- The Japanese yen today (Jan. 2) hit a two-year low against the Taiwan dollar, opening at 0.2655, with the difference so great now that a person changing NT$50,000 into yen today can get 10,000 more Japanese yen than they would have three months ago.

Continuing the weakening trend, by midday today, the yen had dropped to 0.2653, which means one Taiwan dollar now equals 3.76 Japanese yen, according to the Bank of Taiwan.

In comparison, while NT$50,000 at a rate of 0.281 would have yielded 177,936 yen on Sept. 8 of last year, the same amount of Taiwanese dollars at today's rate would result in 188,253 yen, an increase of 10,317 yen.

In November of last year, the Japanese yen hit a six-month low opening at 0.2674 Taiwan dollars to the yen, or in other words 3.739 yen to the Taiwan dollar, which represented a large enough drop since September to allow Taiwanese to afford an extra ticket to Tokyo Disney.