Passionate young patriots show their love of Taiwan at NYC's New Year Celebrations

With no fear of the sub freezing temperatures, these young fellows gave an 'awe-inspiring' performance


TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Some patriotic Taiwanese revelers in NYC made sure that the crowds knew where they were from at the New Year’s celebration in Times Square on New Year’s Eve.

Members of the humorous site “Breaking News Commune” (爆料公社) shared a video on Jan. 1 of some dedicated Taiwanese revelers, who despite freezing temperatures in New York City, decided to take off their shirts in celebration.

They also wanted everyone around them to know that Taiwan was a country with “guts,” according to the website.

In the temperatures of more than -12 degrees Celsius, these “awe-inspiring” young men wanted the millions of party-goers in New York City to remember the country of Taiwan.

Some netizens responded to the video with comments like:

“Taiwan’s flag is a true beauty of the world!”

“Inspiring young men! Strong of body and strong of heart!”

And “I can feel my blood temperature rising.”

The “passionate” performance can be seen below.