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Singaporean woman attempts suicide after her online love refused to show up in Taiwan

She flew all the way to Taiwan to meet the man she fell in love with online

Picture courtesy Taoyuan police department Zhongli branch

Picture courtesy Taoyuan police department Zhongli branch

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- On Thursday Dec.28, a 37 year old Singaporean woman surnamed Chew who flew to Taiwan to visit the man she first met online, tried to commit suicide by jumping from a multistorey carpark after the man refused to meet her.

The incident took place at around 12:30 p.m. on Dec.28 in Taoyuan city at a multistorey carpark on Zhongli District's Yanping Road. The woman was reportedly standing on the parapet on the roof of the five storey-high carpark ready to jump and take her own life.

According to reports, the local police received a notification about her attempt from a phone call made by an eye witness, who informed them about Chew's location. The police rushed to the scene along with members of the civil defense force, which also dispatched a fire truck equipped with stairs to help get the woman back on the ground.

Unable to directly approach her due to her unstable condition, for fear she may suddenly jump, the authorities chose to blast her with a water cannon so that she would fall safely backwards onto the carpark roof. The rescue team then immediately seized her and took her to the nearest hospital.

According to reports, the woman had flown to Taiwan to finally meet the man she had fallen in love with online. However, when she arrived the man refused to meet her, and in her distress, she tried to take her own life.

The Taiwanese authorities are reportedly in touch with Chew's family and friends. The Singaporean Ministry of Foreign Affairs is also assisting the family through this ordeal.