HAPPY NEW YEAR! Taipei 101 welcomes 2018 with magnificent fireworks and LED light show

Taipei 101 celebrates the arrival of 2018 with the longest fireworks performance in its history

Photo taken by Andy Ip Gia Thien

Photo taken by Andy Ip Gia Thien (Taiwan News photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Taiwan’s iconic tower, Taipei 101 marked the entrance of a new year with an extravagant fireworks display, a massive crowd of revelers and a festive spirit in the air.

The pyrotechnic extravaganza at Taipei 101 was the longest in the tower's history. A six-minute fireworks display was combined with 140,000 LED lights covering the tower's exterior from the 35th floor and going all the way up to the 90th.

With the theme for this year’s light and fireworks show of "Happy Together" (幸福共好), the New Year’s display conveys a hopeful message that happiness and joy will find everyone over the next 365 days.

One notable difference of this year's show was the much greater prominence of the light display compared to previous years. The increased use of the exterior light display was not only to enhance the exciting atmosphere of the show, but also to make the celebrations more environmentally friendly.

The light and fireworks show, along with the New Year’s Eve countdown party at Taipei City Hall Square has attracted millions of people over the years, both locals and overseas visitors who flock from around the world to join in the countdown celebrations.

Below are some photos of the light and fireworks show taken by photographer Andy Ip Gia Thien:

Check out the full video of the magnificent fireworks and light show at 2018 New Year's Eve at Taipei, Taiwan