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Wounded otter sneaks into Kinmen elementary school, gets a VIP flight to Taipei Zoo for surgery

A teacher discovered the otter, wounded, starving, and dehydrated

(Image from the Bocun Elementary School FB page)

(Image from the Bocun Elementary School FB page)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – A wounded Eurasian otter on Kinmen Island was given a special flight to the Taipei Zoo on Friday Dec. 29, after it wandered into a Kinmen elementary school seeking safety.

A teacher discovered the otter scurrying through the halls of Bocun Elementary School (柏村國小) in Kinmen County on Friday. When the teacher opened a classroom door, the small otter immediately rushed inside.

Students were cleared from the area, and teachers at the school immediately contacted the country government, who dispatched an official to address the situation.

It was eventually discovered that the otter was an adult male of about four years old, and was both underweight and severely dehydrated. It was suffering from wounds which had already begun to fester, according to the report from

It is thought that the otter was probably attacked by stray dogs in the neighborhood of the elementary school, and it was using the school grounds for safety after surviving the encounter.

Since the Eurasian otter is an endangered species, and in Taiwanese territory, they are only found on Kinmen island, officials from the Kinmen County Wildlife Conservation and Care Association were very concerned about the health of the animal.

That’s why they arranged a flight from Kinmen that afternoon to take the wounded otter to the Taipei Zoo to undergo a two hour surgical operation.

Reports say that by the evening after the operation the otter was awake, eating, drinking water and doing better than expected.

The episode at the school offered the students an exciting opportunity to learn about the local animal population first hand, and see conservation efforts in action.