Taipei New Year's Eve party to be patrolled by bomb sniffing dogs

Taipei New Year's Eve countdown party will have about 1,100 police men and bomb sniffing dogs patrolling


(By Central News Agency)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- The New Year's Countdown party at the Taipei City Hall Square will have 1,100 police stationed and seven bomb-sniffing dogs on Sunday.

The Xinyi branch of the Taipei Police Department will deploy 1,100 police officers to patrol and secure the areas around the countdown party. They will also have bomb detection dogs on a rotating basis to help detect any explosives, said the branch's deputy chief, Chen Shao-hsu (陳少旭).

The security will be tight and the area will be locked down at 6 pm, with no large vehicles or trucks allowed to pass through. Drones and balloons will also be restricted for security reasons, reports CNA.

Anti-Drone guns will be stationed in the area for precautionary purposes, and seven bomb sniffing dogs will also patrol the area in shifts.