In 2015 about every five minutes, one person in Taiwan was diagnosed with cancer

Taiwan's national cancer diagnosis has been on the rise

HPA Cancer Control and Prevention Division Director Wu Chien-yuan (吳建遠)

HPA Cancer Control and Prevention Division Director Wu Chien-yuan (吳建遠) (CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- According to the national cancer registration statistics released by the Health Promotion Administration (HPA), about every five minutes, a person was diagnosed with cancer in the year 2015, which was about six seconds faster than in the previous year.

The statistics showed that in the year 2015 about 105,156 people were diagnosed with cancer. The average age of those diagnosed with cancer was 63, which was the same like 2014.

The top most common types of cancer diagnosed during 2015 were colon, lung, breast, liver, oral, prostrate, gastric, skin, thyroid and esophageal.

Colon cancer cases has seen a significant decrease in its number, a consistent trend for 10 years.

According to the HPA Cancer Control and Prevention Division Director Wu Chien-yuan (吳建遠) the decrease in the number of colon cancers has been possible due to the government-funded colon cancer screening. About 70 percent of the people who are eligible for the screening have undergone the procedure and up to 93 percent were diagnosed with premalignant lesions or early-stage cancer with a five-year survival rate of more than 70 percent.

Wu also insisted that colon cancer screening can help to reduce cancer incidence by almost 50 percent, urging netizens to get screening done at regular intervals. The colorectal cancer screening is available at HPA for individuals aged between 50-75 and the service is available free of cost every two years.

On the other hand, breast, thyroid, and uterine cancer have been rising as shown in the data as compared to the decreasing rate of liver gastric and skin cancers for six consecutive years.

Updated : 2021-03-06 08:04 GMT+08:00