Taiwan's Best New Year’s Eve Parties

A list of the best New Year's Eve parties in Taiwan

Taipei 101 fireworks. (Flickr user - Sinchen.Lin)

Taipei 101 fireworks. (Flickr user - Sinchen.Lin)

2018 is almost upon and with the holiday season now in full swing, thoughts are now turning to New Year’s Eve. For some, seeing in the New Year is a rite of passage and something which should be marked in a poignant or significant way. For others, it is simply an excuse to let their hair down and celebrate.

All over the world on December 31st, people will be coming together to countdown to 2018 in their own way. It is a truly global occasion and Taiwan is no exception to this. Up and down the country, parties large and small will be taking place, and in this article, I have picked out my highlights. There will be many more of course, and if you can think of any I have missed, why not share them with the Taiwan News readers on our Facebook or Twitter pages. A very Happy New Year to all Taiwan News readers.

  1. Taipei 101 ( Kuang-Chung Lu盧廣仲, Chou Tang Chou周湯豪, Tanya Chua蔡健雅 )

Taiwan's Best New Year’s Eve Parties
(Flickr user - Sinchen.Lin)

The most symbolic New Year’s Eve celebrations in Taiwan will be taking place at Taipei 101 in the capital. It is images of the fireworks on Taiwan’s most iconic building which will be beamed around the world and shown in global compilations alongside those in London, New York, Sydney, and Hong Kong. This year’s display will be the longest ever in Taipei and will last for six minutes, although there will be fewer fireworks than last year.

But there is much more taking place at the New Year’s Eve countdown party in Taipei City Hall Square. Festivities start and there will be plenty of entertainment before and after the midnight countdown including performances from a whole host of famous names in Taiwanese pop music. Alcohol is not encouraged at the event, but is available. Expect big crowds, but a fantastic atmosphere at Taiwan’s flagship New Year’s party.

  1. Keelung

Taiwan's Best New Year’s Eve Parties
(Wikimedia Commons)

Keeling City Government is putting on a huge New Year’s Eve countdown party at Keelung Harbour’s East Pier No. 3 and No. 4. As we have previously reported, they have committed a huge budget of NT$3.48 million to the event, which includes about NT$150,000 on a spectacular 3-minute firework display at midnight.

But festivities will begin at around 6:30 p.m. and revelers can also look forward to music performances and a display which will see ships blasting horns in unison alongside a water jet performance. It promises to be one of the biggest and best New Year’s Parties outside Taipei this year.

  1. Taoyuan (Jessica 鄭秀妍,Jeannie Hsieh謝金燕, Eric Chou周興哲)

Taiwan's Best New Year’s Eve Parties
(Good Free Photos)

Taoyuan’s New Year’s Eve countdown party is built on the theme of the city as the gateway to Taiwan. Taking place at the Taoyuan Arts Plaza, the event will feature music performances from a number of high profile pop singers culminating in a show by ‘Power Train’ after the New Years Eve countdown.

Taoyuan is one of the few places outside Taipei which will be going ahead with its fireworks display this year. The display is expected to last three minutes and like Keelung has a budget of NT$150,000. It will be the highlight of an exciting and fun-packed evening.

  1. Taichung

Taiwan's Best New Year’s Eve Parties
(National Taiwan Sports University website)

Taichung will not be having a firework display to mark New Year’s Eve, citing concerns over air pollution as the reason. There will, however, be two official parties to allow people to countdown to midnight. One will be held at the Lihpao Land Outlet Mall in Car Park 2, and the other at the Taichung Sports University Stadium.

The Lihpao Land event will start at 7 p.m. and feature various music performances as well as a light display on the Mall’s Ferris Wheel. Meanwhile, the University event will feature no fewer than eleven music acts. Both promise to offer Taichung residents a fitting way to see in the New Year.

  1. Tainan

Taiwan's Best New Year’s Eve Parties
(Pixabay Fireworks image)

Tainan has not held a firework’s display at New Year since 2012, but have replaced it will an equally impressive digital lights performance. The event will take place a special area close to the cities Rail station. It is one of the longest events in Taiwan with the action beginning at and running through to the following morning.

The focus of the event will again be a live music concert, but there will be much more happening throughout the evening and into the following morning. It is part of Tainan’s innovative series of New Year’s Eve events, which starts with a farewell sunset event at the Jingzaijiao (井仔腳) Tile Salt Field and end the following morning at the Hutoubi (虎頭埤) Reservoir Scenic Area with a flag raising and hiking event.

  1. Kaohsiung

Taiwan's Best New Year’s Eve Parties
(Flickr user – speedbug)

Kaohsiung City Government is no stranger to spending public money on extravagant but has not seen fit to mark New Year’s Eve on each of the last four years. As a result, the only events taking place in Taiwan’s second city, are being held at its shopping malls.

Taroko Park is holding a family-friendly event with the chance for kids to meet Kuqa Family and MOMO Bear, and enjoy events like story time, a global market, and movies in the afternoon, before a concert takes place in the evening. At Dream Mall, the focus will be a concert headlined by Jeannie Hsieh, with Kaohsiung Mayor Chen Chu (陳菊) making a speech at midnight. And there will be another big concert at the E-Da World Shopping Mall. This is the only one in the city which will feature fireworks. A 999-second-long display will take place at midnight (the longest in Taiwan), which will be preceded by a 36-minute long build-up.

  1. Chen Sheng New Year’s Party, Taipei - 陳昇

Taiwan's Best New Year’s Eve Parties
(Wikimedia Commons)

Chen Sheng has been hosting a New Year’s Eve party for the past 24 years and has become a New Year’s Institution in the country. For most of the that time, his events took place in Taimali, one of the first places to see the sun on New Year’s Day.

Now aged 60, this year he will be in Taipei, but his New Year’s Concerts, which will take place on December 30th and December 31st at the Taipei Convention Center, still promise to be a highlight of the New Year season and a great way to see in 2018.

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