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Ratio of Taiwanese working while on vacation highest in world

A higher percentage of Taiwanese work more while on vacation than any other nationality in the world

Taiwanese work the most while on vacation (left).

Taiwanese work the most while on vacation (left). (CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- A higher percentage of Taiwanese travelers engage in work-related activities while on vacation than any other nationality in the world, according to a new survey by the online travel agency Expedia, reported CNA.

In it's 2017 Vacation Deprivation report, 50 percent of Taiwanese answered work-related phone calls and emails while on vacation, the highest percentage in the world.

The survey also showed that 44 percent of Taiwanese are deprived of vacations because of work, however this is the lowest percentage in Asia, while South Korea leads the way with the most people deprived of holiday leave at 81 percent. Based on the results of the survey, it appears that at least 50 percent of Taiwanese choose to compensate for taking leave by continuing to do work during their vacation.

The Expedia survey also found that 80 percent of Taiwanese fantasize about taking travel holidays at work, which is 14 percent higher than the global average. At the same time, nearly 80 percent make their travel plans while at work, which is 20 percent higher than the worldwide average. This indicates that anticipating travel holidays is an major motivator for Taiwanese employees.

The survey also showed that the voluntary leave system is not prevalent in Taiwan, instead many enterprises in Taiwan adopt a responsibility system. Under the pressure to keep working, many employees many take fewer days off than they are allotted as they are afraid to take vacation leave.

There were 11 million people employed in Taiwan in 2017, and according to the survey, though the average number of vacation days is 14, Taiwanese only took an average of 10 days off. Only 70 percent of accrued vacation days are actually taken, leaving 44 million vacation days not taken per year.

However, the percentage of vacation days taken by Taiwanese is higher than Japan and South Korea, where survey respondents only took 10 days off out of the 15 to 20 days off they were entitled to. This translates into only 50 to 60 percent taking their accrued leave, and only 30 to 50 percent taking all of their allotted leave.

Nearly 60 percent of Taiwanese said that they did not feel guilty about taking a vacation because it was their right to do so.

Expedia's survey analyzed the vacation habits of over 15,000 working adults in 30 countries.