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Photo of the Day: Aerial view of Jiufen on Christmas Day

Aerial view of Taiwan's Jiufen captured with a drone on Christmas Day

Jiufen from above. (Image by Instagram user @thefuryandsound)

Jiufen from above. (Image by Instagram user @thefuryandsound)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- An American teacher posted an image yesterday (Dec. 26) of the popular tourist town of Jiufen in the Taiwan section of the social media site Reddit.

The photographer, who has lived in Taiwan for two years and goes by the Instagram handle @thefuryandsound, took the photo on Christmas Day with a DJI Spark drone. He says that he chose Jiufen because it is a "beautiful place for photography" and he enjoys visiting the back streets on a clear day.

Jiufen is an old mountain town which sprung up fast around the turn of the 20th century after the discovery gold in the hills around. Many buildings remain the same today as they were more than 100 years ago.

The Japanese ruled Taiwan at that time and there is a clear Japanese influence in many of the old tea-houses and shops that line the winding streets and narrow alleys. Though it has become an highly popular tourist attraction, this should not detract from the impressive architecture and unique example of how man has managed to live and work just about everywhere in Taiwan’s rugged landscape.

Photo of the Day: Aerial view of Jiufen on Christmas Day
(Image by Instagram user @thefuryandsound)

Updated : 2021-05-19 10:57 GMT+08:00