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Taiwanese man claims Filipina GF's family put him under 'house arrest'

Taiwanese man told police that his pregnant Filipina girlfriend's family put him under 'house arrest'

(Image by pixabay user mohamed_hassan)

(Image by pixabay user mohamed_hassan)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- A Taiwanese man is under suspicion of submitting a false report to police, after he returned from the Philippines claiming that he had been subjected to "house arrest and extortion" by the family of his pregnant Filipina girlfriend, reported CNA.

On Dec. 19, the mother of the 20-year-old man, surnamed Chen (陳), told police that he had traveled to the Philippines on Dec. 8 with the hopes of marrying his pregnant girlfriend, who was identified as Lorenn Lagrimas (艾巴坎). Chen's mother claims that the two met in March at a factory that Lagrimas was working at and in August, she told him she was pregnant with their child and went back to the Philippines on Dec. 6.

Chen soon followed her to the Philippines on Dec. 8, but once he arrived, he claims her family placed him under "house arrest," both his girlfriend and her family continually spent his money, and her parents said that if he was going to marry their daughter, he must provide a NT$100,000 (US$30,000) dowry.

He said that because he could not stand it any longer, on the evening of Dec. 20, he took advantage of an opportunity to flee to an internet cafe and send a message on Facebook to his mother for help. Chen said that during this house "house arrest," he could still go out alone, except that his girlfriend's family would ask where he was going.

During his "escape," Chen carried only the clothes on his back and a wallet, while his cell phone, passport, identification card, and luggage were all still in the home of Lagrimas' family, which he initially claimed she "stole" from him.

Chen's mother says that the Philippine police, the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in the Philippines, and China Airlines worked together to "rescue" him, issue him a certificate of entry, and enable him to obtain a return ticket to Taiwan on Dec. 21.

However, Lagrimas provided a different account on Facebook, where she posted photos of Chen seeming to enjoy himself in the Philippines with photos of him riding a Jeepney, posing for a romantic photo with her under Christmas lights, enjoying Philippine shaved ice, and shopping together with her family.

In response to his claims of being held against his will, Lagrimas on Facebook said, "I'm so upset. These are photos taken when we were out. I did not lock him at home," according to the CNA report.

Lagrimas claimed that Chen was depressed and wanted to return to Taiwan because of an accident his father had suffered. She wrote, "He said that I had had locked him up, but actually he did it so he could go back to Taiwan sooner."

She also posted images of US and Taiwan dollars left behind by Chen and said that she is not a greedy person.

Taiwanese man claims Filipina GF's family put him under 'house arrest'
(Lorenn Lagrimas Facebook page)

In the post above by Lagrimas on Facebook she claims that Chen is suffering from depression and that he suddenly makes rash decisions when his depression strikes. She mentions that Chen's reason for leaving is his father's accident, but he used the excuse of being locked in the house as way to flee the country quickly.

She says he left some of things behind and never touched his money. She ends in saying that she simply wants to clear her name.

Taiwanese man claims Filipina GF's family put him under 'house arrest'
(Lorenn Lagrimas Facebook page)

In her latest post, she says that she wants the media attention to end because she and her boyfriend have reconciled now. She does not wish to give any other comments to the media.

New Taipei City Banqiao District police say that they will further investigate Chen's claims, and if there was any misrepresentation of the facts in the case on the part of Chen, they will consider charging him with filing a false report.