Vietnamese community in central Taiwan showcases traditional gowns from Vietnam

On Dec. 24 in Yunlin, 40 ladies took part in a rehearsal for a New Year's beauty pageant


Participants in the showcase of Traditional Vietnamese gowns in Yunlin, TW Dec. 24 (By Central News Agency)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Members of the Vietnamese community in Central Taiwan held a special showcase of traditional Vietnamese gowns in preparation for an upcoming New Year’s beauty pageant.

The leader of the Yunlin Vietnamese Association (雲林縣越南同鄉權益協進會) Chen Guan-jiao (陳觀嬌) said that in Yunlin there are around 20,000 Vietnamese residents, reports udn.

Chen said that the pageant and the showcase of traditional clothing is intended to highlight the beauty of Vietnamese culture and the elegance of Vietnamese women.

The event will also give the Vietnamese community an opportunity to take pride in where they are from, and to share a cultural experience together.

On Dec. 24, there were 40 contestants that took part in the rehearsal, giving guests a glimpse of the enchanting gowns, and lovely ladies that would grace the stage at the upcoming beauty pageant.

The pageant is scheduled for Dec. 31 and Jan.1 with day one in Kaohsiung, and day two in Yunlin. In addition to the showcase of traditional gowns, the pageant will also include a individual talent portion of singing, dancing and other talents.

According to Chen, there are about 200,000 Vietnamese New Residents living in Taiwan, and there are over 100,000 Vietnamese workers also living in Taiwan.

(Image: CNA)