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Remedial measures for canceled TOEIC test

Test-takers are allowed to re-take the test or get a refund

Remedial measures for canceled TOEIC test

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – The Taiwan TOEIC exam organization announced remedial measures for participants who took a TOEIC test which had to be canceled due to a technical error.

According to CNA, around 24,000 test-takers were affected during a TOEIC exam on Sunday, Dec.24, because the recorded audio questions were not matched with the printed content in the test book.

By way of compensation, Taiwan TOEIC exam will offer each affected test-taker NT$200 as compensation for travel costs. They will also be permitted to re-take the test or receive a refund of their test fees.

Exam-candidates can re-take the test on one of two scheduled dates: Jan. 07, 2018, or Jan. 28, 2018.

According to the announcement, the selection of venues for the exam on Jan. 07 is limited; however, exam candidates can choose from a wider range of test venues for the exam on the afternoon of Jan. 28.

Additionally, they can register for one TOEIC test on any date between April and Dec. 2018 with a registration fee of just NT$1,000.

Taiwan TOEIC exam will open a section on its official website ( at 3 p.m., Dec.25 until Dec.28 for applicants to select the option which suits them best.

For any exam candidates who do not register before the deadline on Dec.28, the organization will arrange them to take the test on Jan. 07 and send an email notification to the examinees.

Any applicants who cannot take the make-up exams will receive the refund.

For more questions and information, applicants can email: or make a phone call to 02-27017333.