Formosa Plastics Corporation to hold seminars in India every year

FPC’s vice president seeks suggestions from customers to improve service

FPC Executive Vice President, K. L. Huang, opens the "Explore the World of Plastics" Conference (Image courtesy of FPC)

FPC Executive Vice President, K. L. Huang, opens the "Explore the World of Plastics" Conference (Image courtesy of FPC)

NEW DELHI (Taiwan News) -- Formosa Plastics Corporation (FPC) executive vice president K. L. Huang has announced that the company will hold seminars on plastics in India every year in future.

Addressing participants of a seminar entitle "Explore the World of Plastics," in New Delhi recently, Huang said that the company’s staff will introduce FPC’s valuable products, including PVC, POM, PP, PE, EVA, Carbon Fiber, SAP and many others, to Indian customers. He also sought suggestions from customers on how to improve the company’s services.

“India became FPC’s important PVC market three years ago. In order to increase its service efficiency, we opened a Technology Service Office in Mumbai in April 2016. Formosa and All India Plastic Manufacturers Association (AIPMA) also jointly organised the first technology seminar in Mumbai in November,” he added.

The Kaohsiung-headquartered FPC, which has assets worth US$13.37 billion and 10,0000 employees, sticks to strict quality control and is always open to suggestions on improving their services to customers.

AIPMA chairman Hiten Bheda and Taipei Economic and Cultural Center (TECC) in India Representative, Ambassador Tien Chung-kwang, was also in attendance at the seminar

FPC was founded in 1954, with a US$798,000 loan from the United States aid agencies. Its first PVC plant began production in 1957. As of 2005, FPC is the largest producer of PVC resins in Taiwan and the second highest in the world after Shin-Etsu Chemical, which produces 3.55 million metric tons per year.

FPC maintains numerous subsidiaries throughout Taiwan. Its USA subsidiary, founded in 1978, has in turn, created four wholly owned chemical manufacturing subsidiaries in Delaware City, Delaware, Indianapolis, Illinois, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and Point Comfort, Texas. In 1994, the company formed the Formosa Transrail to operate its rail fleet.

Formosa Plastics Corporation was the world's fifth largest chemical company by sales in 2015. In 2016, the company was ranked No. 861 on the Forbes Global 2000 list of largest public companies in the world.

(Image: Formosa Plastics Corporation)