Track tests have begun on Taipei's newest MRT line

Check out the most recent video of the yellow MRT 'Circular Line'

The yellow MRT Circular Line

The yellow MRT Circular Line (By Wikimedia Commons)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – The first phase of construction for a new MRT line that will circle around New Taipei City has been completed.

The first portion of the track has been constructed in the Southwestern districts of New Taipei City and is now being tested and modified before the proposed operations begin next summer.

The yellow Circular Line (環狀線) will connect the other MRT lines in the city, making Taipei’s mass rapid transport system much easier to access for people living in the outskirts or mountainous areas of New Taipei.

When the first phase of the track is operational, it will connect the New Taipei Industrial Park to Dapinglin, with a line that includes 14 MRT stations.

A new video of the track and cars being tested was recently uploaded to youtube.

In the video the interior of the train cars can be glimpsed, and the above-ground train can be seen crossing the Xindian River.

Currently, the first phase of the track is planned to begin operations in June 2018, however some are calling those plans too optimistic.

The city’s original timeline intended for the entire track of the Circular Line to be built before the end of 2018. Then after testing, modification, and proper safety ensured, the line would ideally be fully operational in 2019.

It is possible that the completed Circlular Line will not be ready before 2020.

However, residents living in the Southern half of New Taipei should still be able to begin using the new line sometime next year.