Taipei City Government unveils new GPS app for reporting fires

The new application will send real time info and images to fire stations, improving response time

(CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- On Thursday, the Taipei City government unveiled a new app that will use a GPS navigation facility to assist in reporting fires, by sending real time images, and using a video chat function, to provide accurate location info so that the fire fighters can locate the fires easily and quickly.

The application was promoted by Taipei City Mayor Ko Wen-je at a recent news conference.

The Taipei Fire Department also introduced an electronic document management facility to support the application as fires are reported, and info is managed at desks in the fire stations.

According to reports, out of 6,126 fires and 141,470 other emergency reports recorded in Taipei last year, half of the reports were made through mobile phones which makes it hard for the fire department to precisely find the locations where incidents occur.

Making the official announcement, Taipei City Mayor Ko Wen-je explained to the audience the benefits of the new application. He mentioned that sometimes that reporting incidents can not describe their location accurately which can result in a lot of time wasted, as the fire department must first figure out the location of the emergency.

The application will send real time images and is also integrated with a video chat function which will improve the overall efficiency of the rescue operations in Taipei, said Ko.

Furthermore, Mayor Ko said that if the application proves to be efficient enough, Taipei will share the application with other cities and counties for free, urging all the residents of Taipei city to download the application.

He also mentioned that if a user wants to first test the application's capabilities, they must do so during the one-week trial period in order to avoid false alarms and unnecessary chaos once the application goes live.

Finally he concluded by mentioning the importance and benefits of the electronic document management system which will be able to save time, work and paper at fire stations around Taipei, where written accounts and paper records predominate.