I-Mei CEO Luis Ko calls for zero tolerance on drugs, drunk driving

 Over 40 associations and enterprises signed a declaration, calling for zero tolerance on drunk driving and drugs


TAIPEI (Taiwan News) --I-Mei Foods CEO Luis Ko (高志明), Taipei city mayor Ko Wen-je(柯文哲) and mascot Bravo the Bear (熊讚) jointly urged the public not to drive after drinking and encouraged Taiwanese youth to say "no" to drugs at a news conference to sign a declaration on anti-drunk driving Thursday.

Statistics showed that there were 104,756 registered drunk driving cases in 2016, meaning around 287 cases happened each day while over 24 people were imprisoned for crimes related to driving under the influence (DUI).

The Taiwan Advertising Council (TAC), Taiwan Against Drunk Driving (TADD), and Lions Clubs International invited over 40 associations and enterprises to sign a declaration on anti-drunk driving. They called for zero tolerance on drunk driving in Taipei City Hall on Thursday to show their concern over casualties caused by drunk driving, which is approximately 7,000 people on 2016.

I-Mei Foods CEO and Taiwan Advertising Council (TAC) chairman Luis Ko said at the press conference that many innocent people are killed by drunk drivers in Taiwan each year, which is much to be regretted. The associations and enterprises have to work with the government to clamp down on the problem.

Ko also said that the harm of drugs is a serious problem, especially among people of lower socioeconomic status, so the TAC commissioned renowned director Wu Nien-jen and his team to plan and produce a series of anti-drug films, in the hope that the main ideas in these films can be widely promulgated through the channels of government agencies, schools, and large enterprises to bring down the number of people taking illegal drugs in Taiwan.