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Taipei to offer NT$1,000 reward for dashcam footage of accidents

Taipei to give NT$1,000 reward for dashboard or helmet camera footage of accidents to help resolve disputes

Twin dashboard cameras.

Twin dashboard cameras. (Wikimedia Commons photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- In order to encourage the public to submit more video evidence to help resolve traffic accident disputes, the Taipei Traffic Adjudication Office will begin offering NT$1,000 (US$33) rewards to those in possession of dashboard camera footage of a car accident, effective Jan 1., reported Liberty Times.

The office explained that starting next year, in the event of an accident, a third party who captured the collision on their dashboard camera will receive a reward of NT$1,000, regardless of whether the accident caused injuries. However, the reward is limited to footage captured by the applicant's dashboard camera or video camera worn on their person while driving at the scene of the crash. Video downloaded from the internet or obtained from another person will not qualify for the reward.

The reason why the government office is providing this incentive is because 30 percent of accidents are not recorded by police or CCTV cameras at intersections, leaving the question of who is at fault often hard to establish. Therefore, the government is encouraging motorists to install dashboard cameras to help clarify the offending party.

Another reason for the measure is that only 30 percent of accidents are recorded by a video camera of at least one of the drivers involved, and most of these videos were taken by the dashboard camera of a car. However, with 13.66 million scooters in Taiwan in 2016, most traffic accidents involve scooters, therefore, the government is encouraging riders to wear helmet cameras whenever they hit the road.

Updated : 2021-12-03 19:29 GMT+08:00