Taiwan to issue new license plates for electric scooters

Five different types of license plates unveiled for all newly-registered electric scooters

Photo courtesy of the Directorate General of Highways.

Photo courtesy of the Directorate General of Highways.

Taipei, Dec. 15 --The Directorate General of Highways (DGH) unveiled Friday five different types of license plates that will be issued to all newly-registered electric scooters and motorcycles beginning next year.

The number plates will be issued to five different types of electric scooters -- small light-duty, ordinary light-duty, ordinary heavy-duty, large heavy-duty, and large heavy-duty scooters/motorcycles with a cubic capacity exceeding 550cc or 54 horsepower (hp).

According to the DGH, the definition of small light-duty pertains to scooters with power not exceeding 1.34hp, while ordinary light-duty means between 1.34hp to 5hp, ordinary heavy-duty above 5hp and below 40hp, and large heavy-duty above 40hp and below 54hp.

The plates will all start with three Latin letters, with the first being the Latin alphabet E. The letter will then be followed by four Arabic numerals.

The Chinese character for "Electric" will also be embossed on the registration plates, including enhanced security features, it said.

Based on figures provided by the DGH, Taiwan has a total of 107,833 registered electric scooters, of which ordinary heavy-duty scooters are the majority at 58,746, followed by 47,676 for ordinary light-duty, 1,372 for small light-duty, 28 for large heavy-duty, and 11 for those exceeding 550cc.