European Parliament supports Taiwan's international participation

The parliament convened to discuss the Common Foreign and Security Policy on Wednesday in Strasbourg, France

The European Parliament in Strasbourg (Photo courtesy of Grzegorz Jereczek/Flickr)

The European Parliament in Strasbourg (Photo courtesy of Grzegorz Jereczek/Flickr)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — The European Parliament in Strasbourg, France passed the resolution of the Common Foreign and Security Policy (CFSP) on Wednesday in which it voiced its support for Taiwan to participate in international organizations and activities.

The parliament conferred on the annual report of the implementation of the CFSP and passed accordingly a resolution with its Article 31 stating that the parliament “reiterates its commitment to supporting Taiwan’s meaningful participation in international organizations and activities.”

The article also says “preserving peace, stability and prosperity in the Asia-Pacific region is of substantial interest to the EU and its Member States”, and therefore the parliament “calls on all the parties concerned to resolve differences through peaceful means and to refrain from taking unilateral action to change the status quo, including in the East and South China Seas and the Taiwan Strait.”

David Lee (李大維), Taiwan’s foreign minister, said at a Legislative Yuan session on Thursday morning that the ministry “welcomes and is thankful for” the EU’s support of Taiwan’s participation in the international community.

The ministry said the European Parliament had repeatedly expressed its stance in favor of Taiwan's international participation in its annual report of the CFSP in recent years.

The ministry called for the EU and its member states to continue advocating Taiwan's efforts to be involved in international organizations, activities, and initiatives based on the EU’s values and emphasis on democracy and human rights.

According to the parliament's website, the resolution on the CFSP was adopted by 408 votes to 132 with 102 abstentions.

The annual report of the CFSP says common EU actions such as the CFSP are the most effective way to preserve Europe’s interests, uphold its values, and engage in a wider world as a united and influential global actor, for a single member state alone is unable to tackle the challenges of today.