Okinawa boy injured after window falls off US Marine chopper

TOKYO (AP) — Japanese officials say a boy was injured in Okinawa when a metal window frame fell from a U.S. military helicopter, escalating anti-American sentiments on the southern island.

Officials of Ginowan city said the window fell Wednesday from a CH-53 helicopter and landed on a school playground, leaving a boy with minor injuries from small gravels stirred up from the ground. About 50 children were outside at the school next to the Marine Corps Air Station Futenma at the time.

Last week, a part of another U.S. military helicopter also fell on a kindergarten.

The base in a crowded residential area of Okinawa is a source of anti-U.S. military sentiment and safety concerns. Its planned relocation has been delayed as many residents want it entirely off of Okinawa.