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Free Wi-Fi now up in all Taipei MRT stations

Free Wi-Fi now accessible in all 117 Metro stations in Taipei and New Taipei

(Image by pixabay user Mediengestalter)

(Image by pixabay user Mediengestalter)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- The Taipei Metro has extended its free public Wi-Fi coverage to all of its Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) stations in Taipei and New Taipei, with users only needing to search for ".TPE-Free AD WiFi" to log into the network for up to 30 minutes of free usage, announced the Taipei City Department of Information Technology, according to a CNA report.

Those wishing to access the network can search for ".TPE-Free AD WiFi" from their WiFi connections screen on their mobile phone or laptop. The free WiFi connections are available in 30-minute sessions without a sign in or verification required, however users will need to click on an advertisement for each installment.

Users can use their Taipei Free, iTaiwan, or Facebook accounts to log into the network, said Shih Chieh-hsuan (施婕瑄) chief of the Taipei City Department of Information Technology's infrastructure division. Shih added that old name of the system, Taipei Free SSID "TPE-Free" has been changed to ".TPE-Free AD WiFi."

Shih said that her company has been working with the Taipei Metro on expanding the network in MRT stations since July, and the free service is now available in all 117 MRT stations in Taipei and New Taipei. However, Shih conceded that connections on the trains themselves are currently not very strong, and the company is working on boosting signal strength inside the carriages.

Officials announced in August that free public Wi-Fi had been launched on the the Red Line (Tamsui) and Blue Line (Bannan) and that the service would be extended to all lines by the end of this year, though it is not yet clear if this deadline will be reached.

Map of all Free AD WiFi hotpots in Taipei:

For more information on accessing the TPE-Free Ad Wifi network, check the adwifi website and contact phone numbers listed below:

Free Wi-Fi now up in all Taipei MRT stations