LINE messages by SHU slasher revealed 

SHU student stalker who attacked classmate over unrequited love had stalked woman for 5 years

Chen being restrained by teachers after assault.

Chen being restrained by teachers after assault. (By Central News Agency)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- The Shih Hsin University (SHU) student who slashed the throat of his female classmate yesterday in Taipei, after she rejected his romantic advances, had stalked the woman for five years, and some excerpts his harassment of her on Facebook and the mobile messaging app LINE have been reveled to the public, reported UDN.

It has been learned that the 21-year-old man, a third year English major at SHU surnamed Chen (陳), has pursued the woman, now a 19-year-old second year Business student surnamed Shih (石), since her first year in high school. Despite the fact that she always rejected his romantic overtures, he this year transferred from National Taipei University of Technology, where he was a fourth year student, to SHU, even though it meant he would have to lose a year and become a third year student again. 

Shih had recently become fed up with Chen's stalking behavior and on Facebook posted a message directed at him saying "Do not think I don't dare call the police." Last week, Shih also went to the Banqiao Police Station to report his behavior. However, Chen did not seem to be on the radar of SHU authorities, who said that Chen was not on the list of students receiving psychological counseling.

Yesterday (Dec. 12) at 10 a.m., as Shih was headed to class, Chen approached her and after she yet again tried to brush him off, he grabbed a fruit knife he had concealed and started to slash her with it. During the assault, she sustained lacerations to her head, ears, and suffered a 3 cm gash on her right neck. Before Chen could continue the assault, he was subdued by a teacher and assistant teacher.

Meanwhile, Shih was quickly rushed to Wanfang Hospital where her wounds were not deemed life-threatening, and she was sent home to recuperate. 

Chen had been using every method to harass Shih, inlucing Facebook, constant phone calls and LINE. In each method of communication, he would say that we wanted to apologize to Shih in person for his behavior, to which she would respond by saying that she did not wish to discuss the matter further, with each subsequent attempt at apologizing only irritating her further.

Before unfriending Chen on Facebook friend last month Shih wrote, "We are just strangers, you don't owe me any apologies, let alone talk about forgiveness... even if all the men in the world died, and you were the last one, I still would not like you. I am not a swan but you are a toad, a toad that wants to eat swan meat."

The following are a series of exchanges between Chen and Shih on LINE dated Mar. 15: