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Multiple red alerts issued for smog in Kaohsiung

EPA reminds people in Kaohsiung to avoid outdoor activities and wear protective masks when going outside

Red alert for air quality in Kaohsiung (image from EPA website)

Red alert for air quality in Kaohsiung (image from EPA website)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – The air in Kaohsiung is covered with haze and low visibility as a thick layer of smog shrouded the city's 85 Sky Tower today (Dec.12), and the public is advised to avoid exposure to the unhealthy air, reported CNA.

Out of the 12 EPA stations situated in Kaohsiung city, 11 flashed a red alert for a high index of air pollution, with the highest in Qianjin and Qianzhen districts (AQI159) of the city. Other districts are also reported red and orange levels of pollution.

A red alert with the air quality index (AQI) exceeding 150 is considered "unhealthy for everyone," and members of sensitive groups may experience health effects.

The EPA reminds people in the city to avoid outdoor activities. If it is necessary to go outside, it is advisable to wear a protective mask, and people who have asthma may need to increase the frequency of their use of an inhaler.