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Do not miss one of the best meteor showers of 2017

The geminids shower will deliver dozens of shooting stars in an hour

Do not miss one of the best meteor showers of 2017

(Wikimedia Commons photo)

TAIPEI(Taiwan News)- The Geminids is coming back; it will peak on the night of 13 Dec and the morning of 14 Dec.

The Geminids are associated with the near-Earth object 3200 Phaethon, an asteroid that may have undergone a collision with another object in the distant past to produce the stream of particles that Earth runs into — creating the meteor shower.

The asteroid orbits the sun every 1.4 years. It occasionally comes close to Earth and passes very close to the sun, inside of Mercury's orbit and only 0.15 astronomical units from the sun.

The Geminids are considered one of the best meteor showers every year because the meteors are bright, and the peak can see meteors stream across the sky at rates as high as 120 meteors in an hour.

You can catch the Geminid meteor showers with merely your bare eyes.