Manila Economic and Cultural Office hosts Christmas party for migrant workers in Taipei Sunday

Paskong Pinoy 2017 Christmas party

Chairman Banayo and Deputy Aquino present awards of recognition to Filipino workers.

Chairman Banayo and Deputy Aquino present awards of recognition to Filipino workers. (Taiwan News photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — The Manila Economic and Cultural Office (MECO) put on an outstanding Christmas party for Filipino migrant workers in the Fine Arts Park on Sunday. At the party, an MECO official commented to Taiwan News that he sees the recently signed bilateral investment agreement between Taiwan and the Philippines as win-win for both countries.

The annual Paskong Pinoy 2017 Filipino Christmas Celebration took place at the EXPO Hall in the Fine Arts Park near the Flower Expo. The festivities lasted from 9 a.m. into the sunny afternoon.

Booths lined the party perimeter. (Taiwan News)

The day was filled with fun and one exciting performance after another. Two hosts guided the audience through the day. There were booths serving Filipino snacks and much entertainment.

The EXPO pavilion was packed with people and cheer. (Taiwan News)

Inspirational behavior

MECO Chairman and Resident Representative, Angelito Banayo, and Deputy Resident Representative, Carlo Aquino, presented two Filipino workers with plaques for their incredible generosity. Despite potential legal consequences, the two workers chose to look after two abandoned children with cerebral palsy. As a result, the boys are now safely under government care.

Just last Thursday Chairman Banayo inked a bilateral investment agreement between the Philippines and Taiwan, the first of its kind finalized under Taiwan’s New Southbound Policy, in Makati. The agreement is set to make investment more fair between the two countries and to expand the industries protected, including the 'financial sector, infrastructure, and intellectual property,' according to The Diplomat.

Chairman Angelito Banayo speaks at the Paskong Pinoy 2017 Party. (Taiwan News)

Deputy Aquino commented to Taiwan News that he sees the agreement as win-win for both Taiwan and the Philippines. The Deputy has lived in Taiwan for 20 years.

All Filipino Cosplay Competition

Dozens of cosplayers took the stage for the Pinoy Litratista’s Cosplay Competition. Competitors performed solo and in groups for a panel of judges, eager photographers, and a happy audience.

Cosplayers greet the audience before they compete. (Taiwan News)

A cosplayer prepares to take the stage. (Taiwan News)

Celebrating with rhythm and movement

Dozens of performers took the stage in celebration, including rappers, dancers, a rock band, and the comedian, Alex Calleja.

The crowd goes wild for rap performers. (Taiwan News)

Battle of the bands contenders performed early Sunday afternoon. (Taiwan News)

The hosts explain a fun game. (Taiwan News)