148 cases of iPhone X scams on Facebook in 1 week

Beware of cyber swindlers peddling fake iPhone X on Facebook

Caution to those spending money via Facebook. (Photo: Flickr)

Caution to those spending money via Facebook. (Photo: Flickr)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — In just one week, 148 cases of fraudulent iPhone X transactions occurred around Taiwan, according to the Criminal Investigation Bureau (CIB).

Of the 165 cases of fraud reported from November 27 to December 3 to the CIB, 148 of those cases were of false iPhone X transactions via Facebook.

The age of duped buyers ranged between 26 – 36, and 71 were male, 77 were female.

In one instance, an interested buyer in Hsinchu (新竹) was told to first add herself to the seller’s Line account to purchase the iPhone X, reported CNA. Without any confirmation of the seller’s identity, she then transferred NT$15,000 (US$500) into their account.

The buyer then wished to cancel her order for a refund, as advertised on the seller’s Facebook page. She never got a response, a smartphone, or her money back.

The CIB advises buyers to triple check any seller’s identification on Facebook if insistent on purchasing items via social media.