Overlooked scenic gems along Taiwan's coastal railroad

6 lovely train stops along the coastal tracks

Even more beauty along Taiwan's coastal railroad.

Even more beauty along Taiwan's coastal railroad. (By Central News Agency)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — There are many pristine pockets of nature along Taiwan's railway system but it's easy to overlook a few. See something new on the way to your next adventure, as suggested by Storm Media.

Manjhou: Gangkou Suspension Bridge (滿州: 港口吊橋)

While most travels head immediately toward Cape Eluanpi (鵝鑾鼻) in Kenting (墾丁), check out instead the Gangkou Suspension Bridge first, an arguably more picturesque spot to catch the sunset and shoreline views.

Recreational area around Gangkou Suspension Bridge (Photo: Pixnet user ketr0403)

Open daily from 7:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Gangkou Suspension Bridge (Photo: ivanpan_new Instagram)

Mutan: Kula Lake / Water Grasslands (牡丹: 哭泣湖/水上草原)

Pronounced "kutji" in the Paiwan language, Kula Lake and Grasslands borders both mountains and water. The lake area is vast and teeming with life, the perfect place for a pit stop.

View of Kula Lake(Photo: yklinass Instagram)

Lakeside in Mutan (Photo: _ruby158 Instagram)

Mutan: Gaoshi Shrine (牡丹: 高士小神社)

The Gaoshi Shrine was built during the period of Japanese rule. Most of the shrine was demolished during several typhoons and all that remains is the white stone wall.

Gaoshi Shrine (Photo: untitleshare Instagram)

The surrounding park is a nice place to rest and gaze at surrounding mountains and coastline.

Scenic serendipity from the Gaoshi Shrine Park (Photo: viviliii0716 Instagram)

Shihtzu: Li Long Mountain (獅子: 里龍山)

Li Long Mountain is the only mountain in Hengchun (恆春) to exceed 1,000 meters tall (3,280 feet). The greenery is lush and the boulders are massive. To conquer this mountain requires a bit more stamina than taking a casual hike.

The Li Long Mountain hillside (Photo: 0508_mizuka Instagram)

The view from Li Long Mountain (Photo: chang_i_chi Instagram)

Shihtzu: Fangshan Railway Stop (獅子: 枋山車站)

The Fangshan District is one of the final districts to pass through on the way to Kenting and one of the most overlooked train stops because of this proximity.

Coastal glimpses at Fangshan Station (Photo: ihsuanlinnnnn Instagram)

Don't be fooled by the sparse civilization. The view from the railway platform is a diamond locale to catch the sunset.

Sunset from Fangshan Station (Photo: ryanyang_ Instagram)

Chaochou: Silin Walking Trail (潮州: 泗林健走步道)

Expect this 1.2 kilometer trail in Pingtung County to be bustling with walkers and fellow nature lovers. The road is lined with trees and peeks of the southern countryside.

Silian Walking Trail tree tunnel (Photo: crazyuno4747 Instagram)