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17 illegal structures in New Taipei City to be demolished

After 9 people were killed in New Taipei apartment fire, the city's government has begun taking down all illegal structures

Demolition of illegal structures in New Taipei city

Demolition of illegal structures in New Taipei city (CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – New Taipei city government are starting to down illegal structures built on rooftops that present a threat to public safety, reported CNA.

Head of Illegal Construction Demolition Corps, Feng Chao-lin (馮兆麟) said that 17 illegal rooftop additions found on Jingxin street in Zhonghe District, New Taipei city, owned by the same landlord, will be demolished.

The demolition of illegal structures started on Friday (Dec.8) and if weather conditions are good, all 17 illegal structures will be destroyed within a week, Feng said. As for some rooms that still have tenants, they will be given a short amount of time to relocate.

Additionally, he said not only illegal rooftop additions will be torn down, but any construction found to be a hazard to public safety will also be removed.

Over the past two weeks, 10 deaths from fires in illegal rooftop dwellings have occurred in New Taipei and Taipei city. Governments of the two Taiwanese cities are pledging to tear down 290,000 illegal structures.