Taiwan lotto winner misses prize of US$ 40 million by a single digit

However, the winner still managed to win enough for a coveted iPhonex

Image from Mobile 01 internet forum

Image from Mobile 01 internet forum

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) --One Taiwanese netizen recently shared a post about their lottery winnings on the "Mobile 01" internet forum, and expressed great disappointment after the win.

For someone who just won the lottery, you would think a person would be happy. The reason for the winner's disappointment soon became clear after netizens took a closer look at the winning ticket.

Despite being the lucky winner of NT$ 150,000, if the ticket had been 03-04-07-22-17-20, instead of 03-04-07-12-17-20, then a NT$ 150,000 prize (US$ 5,000) would have become an NT$1.2 billion prize instead (nearly US$ 40 million).  

Despite being a good day, this person might have had an absolutely spectacular day if a not for a single digit on their lottery ticket.

In the post, the netizen said that after federal taxes, there would still be enough for a happy holiday shopping season, as the poster was planning to buy an iPhonex, and a few other Christmas presents.