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Vietnamese migrant brides now more integrated into Taiwan life

The number of Vietnamese migrant brides in Taiwan reaches 98,128

image from Flickr user Benjamin Linh Vu

image from Flickr user Benjamin Linh Vu

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – The number of Vietnamese women marrying Taiwan men keeps increasing, but at the same time, the life of migrant brides also improves as they become easily integrated into Taiwan society, Vietnam media reported.

Vietnam news agency websites recently reported that the Vietnam-Taiwan relationship not only thrives in economic and trade domains, but cross-cultural marriages also continue increasing.

Vietnamese migrant brides form one of the largest non-Chinese immigrant groups inhabiting Taiwan. According to statistics released in August, the number of Vietnamese spouses in Taiwan has reached 98,128 individuals, accounting for 62.9 percent of the total number of foreign-born brides in Taiwan. As of 2007, the estimated number of Vietnamese brides was around 75,000. Therefore, more than 20,000 Vietnamese brides moved to Taiwan in a 10-year period.

Aside from spontaneous love as the reason for cross-cultural marriage, a significant number of Vietnamese women marry Taiwanese men in hope of a better life in a more developed country, reports said.

A matter of fact is that many Vietnamese brides have to face several obstacles when marrying into Taiwan, including language barriers, cultural differences, lack of understanding of marriage law. As a result, many cross-cultural marriages have ended in separation and some cases even involved domestic violence.

Nevertheless, the article pointed out that Vietnamese women recently have become more adaptable to Taiwanese life thanks to the government's proposed preferential policy for new immigrants to Taiwan. The island's government has now tightened its policy to prevent illegal international marriages, but meanwhile, the newly married foreign wives can participate in language and vocational training and receive assistance in seeking working opportunities.

By this way, Vietnamese brides in Taiwan can easily integrate into Taiwanese life, build up a better marriage, and reinforce their position in Taiwan society.