Incredible Image: Mother in Taipei delivers child unassisted, Facebook removes image for pornography

A Taipei doctor posted an image of a mother in Taipei, alert and unassisted, delivering her own child

Public photo of Dr. Lin Tzu-hung from his Fb profile

Public photo of Dr. Lin Tzu-hung from his Fb profile

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – The image of a mother delivering her own child at an obstetrics clinic in Taiwan has been banned from Facebook, after it was deemed a pornographic image by the popular social network.

The image (published below) was shared by obstetrician Lin Tzu-hung, who works at the Dianthus MFM Clinic in Taipei, after the mother gave her permission for the image to be made public.

The doctor captioned the photo with the message "This very brave mother just delivered her own baby. Beautiful."

The image quickly garnered thousands of likes, but was removed after several hours for supposedly violating Facebook's guidelines on pornographic material.

To express his disappointment after the image was removed, Doctor Lin posted the message "Facebook has banned my heart warming picture of a mother giving birth on her own as pornography. I'm very upset."

The doctor then posted the image to Instagram, and encouraged people to migrate to the photo sharing platform.

Some people in the comments said they could understand why the image was banned on the social network.

Despite the controversy surrounding the photo, it remains a remarkable image of a woman beautifully guiding her own child into the world, through what is undoubtedly one of the most difficult physical trials a human being can experience.

The exceptional feat of strength and focus was made possible thanks to the local anesthetic and child bearing instruction that the Dianthus MFM Clinic's obstetric specialists practice with their patients.

Reportedly, the procedure reduces physical pain of mothers during delivery by a significant degree.

Screenshot of image shared publicly by Dr. Lin Tzu-hung, banned from Facebook