Whammo! NT$10 million Lambo totaled, 3 injured

After running a red light, NT$10 million Lamborghini crashes into car and scooter, injuring 3 in Kaohsiung


Crumpled Lamborghini. (Image from 爆料公社)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- A Lamborghini valued at NT$10 million (US$333,000) crashed into a car, a motorcycle and a truck, injuring three people and totaling three vehicles, including his luxury sports car, after allegedly running a red light in Kaohsiung last night (Dec. 7), reported Apple Daily. 

According to police, last night at 9:30 p.m. the 49-year-old driver of the yellow supercar, surnamed Chung (鍾), was headed south on the Zhonghua Road expressway, when his vehicle collided with a blue sedan headed west on Rehe 2nd Street being driven by a 27-year-old driver surnamed Cho (卓), before then careening into a 41-year-old motorcyclist heading east on Rehe 3rd Street. 

Witnesses on the scene reported seeing the yellow Lamborghini blowing through the red light at the intersection of Zhonghua Road and Rehe Street before plowing into a blue sedan and a heavy motorcycle. In the ensuing crashes, the front of the blue car was smashed inward as it spun sideways and the motorcyclist was sent flying in the air. 

Despite colliding with two vehicles, the Lamborghini continued to plow forward delivering a glancing blow to a parked delivery truck before finally coming to a stop when it rammed into concrete column of an apartment. The font of the luxury sports car was heavily damaged, with no sign of its trademark Taurus logo. 

The motorcyclist was unable to walk after his left leg his left leg was broken by the speeding sports car, while the driver of the blue sedan suffered a laceration on his foot. Meanwhile, Chung, the driver of the Lamborghini, suffered facial abrasions, though photos appear to show the driver's side airbag did deploy at some point. 

When police tested the blood alcohol level of the driver of the high-horsepower, Italian-built megacar, it registered a zero. At the scene of the accident, Chung reportedly told police, "I don't know what happened at the time, I was just driving and then suddenly crashed!"

(Image from 爆料公社)

As the Lamborghini's plate number is 9999, police were quickly able to verify that it was the same car in which the driver had sped away from a police breathalyzer checkpoint last week, for which he was subsequently fined NT$90,000. After last week's escape, netizens dubbed him the "runaway bull."

Police said Chung may be found negligent for the injuries and damage to the vehicles he inflicted. As for evidence of whether Chung had indeed run the red light, he said that his vehicle did not have a dashboard camera and the camera in the blue vehicle was not operating when the accident occurred. 

Police will further investigate the case to determine the exact cause of the accident. 

(Image from 爆料公社)

(Image from 爆料公社)

(Image from 爆料公社)