French far-right militants convicted in mosque occupation

PARIS (AP) — The French far-right group Generation Identity and five militants have been convicted of organizing and taking part in a 2012 anti-Muslim demonstration on the roof of a mosque in Poitiers — where Arab invaders were stopped in the 8th century.

During the October 2012 demonstration, dozens of people climbed atop a mosque under construction and unfurled banners, one reading "Remember Charles Martel," who led the battle in 732.

The court clerk's office said Thursday that four of the five received suspended one-year prison sentences and lost their civic rights for five years, including the right to vote. The fifth received a suspended sentence and lost the right to run in elections.

All must help pay nearly 24,500 euros (nearly $28,900) in damages.

Generation Identity must pay an additional 10,000 euros ($11,800).