British singer-songwriter James Blunt to perform in Taiwan

James Blunt will be visiting Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, China and Bangkok in Asia as a part of his World Tour

Image from James Blunt Official Facebook Page

Image from James Blunt Official Facebook Page

TAIPEI(Taiwan News)- British singer-songwriter James Blunt, whose song“You're beautiful” has topped the charts is going to visit Taiwan for a concert on 31st March 2018.

James Blunt had his first concert in Taiwan in 2004, with the chart-topping song "You're beautiful" in the first album which captured the hearts of many fans. In March this year, James Blunt released his fifth studio album- The Afterlove.

The new album, The Afterlove, includes a song called Make Me Better, co-written with Ed Sheeran. However Sheeran's influence runs deeper than that single track: it could be heard in numerous other new songs James Blunt played, for example: "Lose My Number"

Tickets are on sale from today at KKTIX.