China objects over Indian aerial vehicle crash inside border

BEIJING (AP) — China's defense ministry expressed its "dissatisfaction and opposition" Thursday over the recent crash of an Indian unmanned aerial vehicle inside Chinese territory, the latest in a lengthy series of border incidents between the regional rivals.

The official Xinhua News Agency cited the deputy chief of the Chinese military's Western Theater Command Zhang Shuili as saying that Chinese border troops had identified the device and were dealing with the matter in a "professional and responsible manner."

"In regards to this matter, we express our strong dissatisfaction and opposition," Zhang was cited as saying in the Xinhua article posted on the ministry's website. "We will earnestly carry out our duty and resolutely defend our country's sovereignty and security."

No further information was given about the vehicle and when or where exactly it crashed. India operates a range of domestically developed UAVs and this summer agreed to buy top-of-the-line combat drones from Israel.

Much of the 3,500-kilometer (2,174-mile) border between China and India is contested. They fought a brief but bloody frontier war in 1962 and engaged in a 10-week standoff this summer high in the Himalayas over the Doklam plateau that is claimed both by China and India's ally Bhutan.