Over 100 Taiwanese companies at 'Manufacturing Indonesia 2017' trade show

Large contingent of Taiwanese companies at Manufacturing Indonesia 2017 aim to strengthen economic ties and trade relations

A speaker at the Manufacturing Indonesia 2017 trade show

A speaker at the Manufacturing Indonesia 2017 trade show (By Central News Agency)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – The largest international manufacturing technology trade fair in Southeast Asia, Manufacturing Indonesia, kicked off in Jakarta on Wednesday Dec. 6, and Taiwanese companies were there in force, reflecting the initiative and future opportunities of the New Southbound Policy.

This year Taiwan had the largest contingency of all countries in attendance with 112 different exhibitors, showcasing some of the cutting edge manufacturing equipment and expertise that Taiwan has to offer.

Held from Dec. 6-9, this is the 28th year of the annual Manufacturing Indonesia event. This year over 31 countries were represented, with a total of over 2,000 companies.

On the opening day, a seminar on the topic of "Applying Taiwan's manufacturing expertise to strengthen Indonesia's auto industry" was organized by Taiwan's Bureau of International Trade of the Ministry of economic Affairs.

Several of Taiwan's heavy manufacturers were present to discuss the issue and network with insiders in Indonesia's auto manufacturing industry.

Indonesia has been a major purchaser of machine tools from Taiwan in recent years. Taiwan's sale of machinery to Indonesia amounted to 11 percent of country's total purchases in 2016 totaling around US$ 59.4 million dollars, according to CNA.

Despite Taiwan already being the largest foreign supplier of industrial machine tools to Indonesia, there remains huge market potential to expand industrial production in Indonesia, and Taiwan plans on being an important partner for Indonesia's development in the coming years.

The large number of Taiwanese companies at Manufacturing Indonesia 2017 is a clear indication of Taiwan's increased presence in Southeast Asia, as the country seeks to build bridges and a foundation for international regional cooperation in line with the Southbound Policy of the Tsai administration.