New Zealand transgender woman wins silver medal in World Weightlifting Championships 

Laurel Hubbard wins silver in women's super heavyweights

Image from Newstalk ZB's Official Twitter

Image from Newstalk ZB's Official Twitter

TAIPEI (Taiwan News)- Laurel Hubbard finished second in the women’s super-heavyweights behind American weightlifter Sarah Robles in the International Weightlifting Championships (IWF).

She lived as Gavin Hubbard until she began her transition four years ago. Hubbard refused to discuss her achievement and refused to attend media conferences after the International Weightlifting Championships medals ceremony. Hubbard's coach, Tim Swords said:" She stayed away (from the media conference) because she was embarrassed, probably." 

Many competitors feel she has an unfair advantage in the competition. Swords said that there was no controversy between the lifters about Hubbard's presence in the game, but there was between some of the coaching team members, and Hubbard was abused on social media before the IWF. 

The winner Sarah Robles totaled 284 kilograms, nine kilograms ahead of Laurel Hubbard's 275 kilograms, and Egyptian Shaimaa Khalaf on 268 kg, attaining a bronze medal.