More snow falls on Taiwan's Yushan

Taiwan's Yushan blanketed in 2 cm of snow after second snowfall of the winter early this morning


Snow on Yushan weather station. (CWB image)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- The Central Weather Bureau (CWB) reports that Yushan, Taiwan's tallest peak, saw a second straight day of snowfall early this morning (Dec. 7)

The CWB reports that the snow started falling at 12:30 a.m. and continued until 2 a.m., resulting in 1.5 cm of fresh snow. This, combined with yesterday's snowfall of .5 cm, the first of the winter for Taiwan, amounts to a total accumulation of 2 cm of snow.

As a new cold air mass is set to arrive in Taiwan tomorrow, northern Taiwan is expected to see the mercury dip to 13 degrees Celsius, central Taiwan will see the temperature drop to 14 degrees, and southern Taiwan will experience highs of only 15 or 16 degrees. 

As there is still plenty of moisture in the air and Yushan continues to have low temperatures below 0 degrees, there is a chance of more snow today, according to the CWB. Meanwhile, on Hehuanshan, as conditions are not as optimal, snow is less likely, said CWB forecasters. 

(CWB image)

(CWB image)