Neo-fascists throw flares at Italy's Repubblica paper

ROME (AP) — Italy's neo-fascist Forza Nuova movement has attacked the headquarters of the left-leaning La Repubblica newspaper, the latest in a series of extremist, far-right incidents across Italy.

A dozen masked Forza Nuova supporters, dressed in black and carrying the party's flag, threw flares at the office housing Repubblica and its weekly L'Espresso. They carried a banner reading "Boycott L'Espresso and Repubblica."

Repubblica has been reporting regularly on an escalation of incidents by Forza Nuova and other right-wing and skinhead movements, many targeting migrants.

The escalation has increased pressure on the Interior Ministry to formally dissolve the groups.

Justice Minister Andrea Orlando said the protest proved that extremism was growing. Even Rome's mayor, Virginia Raggi — a frequent target of Repubblica's wrath — expressed solidarity with the paper.