Hong Kong refuses entry to Taiwanese cultural official

T.C. Chang worked in Hong Kong before as a magazine editor-in-chief

T.C. Chang.

T.C. Chang. (CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – T.C. Chang (張鐵志), a prominent Taiwanese cultural official and social commentator, said Wednesday he had been refused entry to Hong Kong.

Chang spent several years living and working in the Chinese Special Administrative Region, is married to a Hong Kong woman, and now serves as deputy secretary general of the Taipei-based General Association of Chinese Culture (GACC, 文化總會).

He was scheduled to attend a four-city cultural forum in Hong Kong on Wednesday, but immigration refused to let him in, while they let his wife enter the territory.

“At last, I’ve been refused entry at Hong Kong Airport,” Chang tweeted. He reportedly received no reason why, with officials telling him his Hong Kong residency permit had expired. Chang returned to Taiwan later in the day.

He gained prominence as a writer and editor for the Want Want China Times Group, but was later laid off. In late 2012, he moved to Hong Kong to serve as the editor-in-chief of a magazine, before returning to Taiwan in 2015 to create an online news service.

Last March, he accepted an offer from President Tsai Ing-wen (蔡英文), who was elected chairperson of the GACC, to serve as its deputy secretary general.

Updated : 2020-12-03 15:56 GMT+08:00